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How to Find Us

All deliveries should be made to our warehouse address. This is open Monday to Friday, 9am - 5pm excluding bank holidays and the Christmas period.

We ask that lorries and HGV's do not travel through the village of Garford, but access our warehouse via the A415 towards Kingston Bagpuize and through Fyfield Wick.
There are two very tight turns in the village where lorries and containers can get stuck, so out of respect for our extremely nice neighbours in the village who don't wish to get stuck behind a trapped container lorry, please follow our route below on how to get to our site. These instructions only apply to HGV's and lorries normal car traffic is fine going through the village but, we do ask that you respect the village and drive carefully and slowly through Garford.

Delivery companies that do not follow these instructions will have their contracts terminated

Alternative Route for HGVs and Lorries

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