Garden Games

Giant Connect 4

Of course when Hasbro wanted to have  a giant sized version of Connect 4, they came to the world leader in giant sized products, Garden Games Limited. We worked together, and created the finest Giant Connect 4 Game in the world.

So, this is the real Giant Sized Connect 4, officially licensed by Hasbro to use the name in the UK.  We also sell another Giant Sized version of the Game, under the name Up 4 It, in the rest of the world. Our customers tell us that this is easily the most popular giant sized version of the game, and we are sure we know why. It plays superbly and looks incredible.

Connect 4 is the brand name given by Hasbro to an ancient and well-loved game of ‘four in a row’ that dates back hundreds of years. Apparently, Captain Cook took the game on his epic voyages around the world, and it was on these trips that it became known as ‘Captains Mistress’. Nowadays though it is more often known as Connect 4.

The Garden Games Connect 4 game is sturdy, and well made, in a tough plastic, and its durability has meant it has become a firm favourite at schools and kids clubs the world over.

It plays in the traditional way, with the counters dropping down the columns, until one player gets the 4 in a line and becomes the winner. 

The Up4It version, sold by Garden Games worldwide outside the UK, is essentially the same, with different branding. It looks different but lasts as long, and plays just as well.



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