Giant Wooden Tumble Tower Games

Entertain your friends and family with one of our popular giant tower garden games, which are available in a variety of sizes.

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Mega Hi-Tower in a Bag

Garden Games Limited Mega Hi-Tower in a bag




5067 Mega Hi-Tower in a Bag

By Popular demand, we have launched a tower game, which comes ready-packed inside a zip fastening canvas bag, perfect for carrying the game around and for storage.

The new Mega Hi-tower in a bag builds forms the same height tower as both the Giant Tower and Hi-tower at the start of the game. The shorter blocks form a tower with a smaller base footprint, making a more thrilling and tense game.

The game consists of 58 pine wooden blocks. Each measuring 18cm x 6cm x 4.5cm. The blocks form a tower without gaps, which starts at 0.9m high and can be built up to 2.34m high (max).


Code: 5067

Giant Tower

Garden Games Limited Giant Tower Giant Garden Jenga Game


5065 Garden Games Giant Tower

The Giant Tower game is a more retail-friendly version of Hi-Tower.

Giant Tower offers the same uncompromised overall height as Hi-Tower, and offers the same high levels of excitement. This popular game is also made from the same high quality pine wood.


Code: 5065

Super Giant Hi-Tower®

Garden Games ltd Hi-Tower Giant Garden Jenga Game


506 Garden Games Super Giant Hi-Tower

The Hi-Tower has been one of our best selling products for many years and remains a popular choice for barbecues and weddings.

The Super Giant Hi-Tower is our largest tower game. The innovative design, enabling higher stacking as a result of gaps in between the blocks, makes the game more intense and longer.

Hi-Tower is manufactured from high quality pine. The Hi-Tower starts at 3ft 6 inches and can be built above 5ft in play.

Each of the 58 blocks are 285mm long and come in an attractive, colourful cardboard display box.

Code: 506

Tower Storage Bag

Garden Games Limited giant jenga storage bag perfect for use with Hi-tower and Giant tower jenga games


5068 Garden Games Giant Tower Game Storage Bag

Our Tower Storage Bag offers you a fantastic way to store and transport your Hi-Tower or Giant Tower.

This handy canvas, zip closing bag is suitable for use with both our larger tower games.

Code: 5068


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