Racing Games

Our racing games are designed to offer both children and adults a great way to have fun in their garden. Whether you play with family and friends or use them to entertain guests at social events, these games are guaranteed to entertain!

Hoppin Mad®
Garden Games Hopp


501 Garden Games Hoppin Mad

Hoppin Mad is a fun and exciting game that can be played by people of all ages. Based on the popular Space Hopper game, Hoppin Mad is the ideal racing game for any outdoor area.

The hoppers that come in the Hoppin Mad pack have been given three names to add to the competitiveness; Daredevil, Psycho and Hotshot.

Each pack contains 3 x 24inch hoppers, a foot pump and a start whistle. All components are packed within a colourful display box.

Code: 501

Sack Racing
Garden Games Limited Sack Race Game


502 Garden Games Sack Race

If you've always wanted to relive your old school days then this game is perfect for you. Play with family and friends and see who can cross the finish line first!

Each of the five sacks in the pack have been given names; Fireball, Dozy, Fever, Wired and Mad Dog.

Each sack is made of tough jute material and has double stitching with extremely strong thread.

The sacks come packed in a zip fastening canvas bag with colour insert and carry handle.

Code: 502

Party Sport Day
Garden Games Limited Sack Race Game


538 Party Sports Day

Have a Complete Sport Day Party! Sacks for a sack race game. Play the three legged race with the velcro ties. Be the smoothest with the balance the bean bag on your head game, and hold your nerve for the egg and spoon race.

Lots of family fun with a competitive edge

Code: 538

Funday Racing®
Fun Day Racing Set by Garden Games Limited


524 Garden Games Funday Racing

Funday Racing is a fun and exciting game that takes racing to a new dimension. With 4 separate rounds, players race in teams or individually to build up their total score. This unique and original game is ideal for family fun and can really bring out your competitive side.

The Funday racing pack includes 4 coloured sacks, 4 bean bags, 4 wooden eggs and spoons, 2 ankle straps for 3 legged racing and a whistle.

Packed in a zip fastening canvas bag with colour insert and carry handle.

Code: 524

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