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Garden Games Limited's party games are specifically designed for events and social gatherings, such as barbeques, weddings and family fun. Our games offer great entertainment and fun for you and your guests at affordable prices and great quality.

Our party games set an industry standard for quality and enjoyment. We are proud to produce garden games which are great fun for all ages.

Giant Garden Games are where Garden Games Limited first began, and the range is unbeaten in the UK from the classic tower games, to Giant Snakes and Ladders and many more. Where the boards are big enough for the players to become the counters, we have an amazing collection of giant games. This is our heartland, where we first began, and the range is unrivalled in the world.

Where we lead others follow!

Get Knotted®
Garden Games Get Knotted giant twister game


510 Garden Games Get Knotted

Get Knotted is an exciting game that can be played by up to 30 players. Throw the two giant inflatable dice to allocate positions for different parts of your body on the playing board.

Code: 510

Tower Games
Giant Jenga Garden Games

Garden Games Giant Jenga Games

Our giant Jenga style tower games are designed to provide hours of fun and excitement for people of all ages.


Hoppin Mad®
Hoppin Mad Garden Game


501 Garden Games Hoppin Mad

Building on the immense popularity of 1970's toys, Hoppin Mad takes the classic Space Hopper and turns it in to an exciting yet fiercely competitive activity.

Each pack contains 3 adult sized hoppers.

Code: 501

Sack Racing
Garden Games Sack race game


502 Garden Games Sack Race

Sack racing has been a popular sporting activity for hundreds of years and remains a fun and exciting activity today.

Code: 502

Giant Snakes and Ladders
Giant Snakes and Ladders Garden Games


507 Garden Games Giant Snakes and Ladders

Giant Snakes & Ladders allows the players themselves to act as the
counters in this garden verison of the classic game.

Code: 507



Giant Connect 4®
Garden Games Hasbro Giant Connect 4


519 Garden Games Giant Hasbro Connect 4

Connect 4 is one of the UK's all-time favourite games and the larger remake offers even more fun as the game is taken outside.


Code: 519

Funday Racing®
Fun Day Racing Garden Game


524 Garden Games Funday Racing

The Funday Racing pack includes 4 coloured jute sacks, 4 bean bags, 4 wooden eggs and spoons, 2 ankle straps for 3 legged racing and a whistle.

Code: 524 

Cannonball Drop
Garden Games Cannon Ball Drop


527 Garden Games Cannon Ball Drop

Cannonball Drop can be played by people of all ages and is guaranteed to give your guests hours of entertainment. Take turns to remove the giant straws from the frame without making any of the balls drop. The winner is the player with the fewest balls at the end of the game.

Code: 527

Party Sports
Day Set
Garden Games Limited Party Sports Day Set

538 Party Sports Day Set

4 traditional school sports day games in one great fun set. Egg & Spoon, Sack Race, Balance Bean Bags and straps for Three Legged Race.


Giant Dominoes
in a Bag
Garden Games Limited Giant Dominoes in a bag

537 Giant Dominoes in a Carry Bag

Great quality Giant Dominoes with brightly coloured
number dots packed into a handy nylon canvas carry bag. The perfect take along game for all the family.


Tin Can Alley
Garden Games Tin Can Alley Game

533 Tin Can Alley

Tin can alley is a classic fairground attraction - takeing aim and skill to knock the tins down with the throwing bags. Consisting of ten bright red metal tins and three throwing bags, you can now have all the fun of the fair in your own garden.


Target Toss
Garden Games Target Toss Inflatable dart board with velcro balls

534 Target Toss

Target Toss is an fun inflatable target game, perfect for practising accuracy and skill when throwing and lots of fun to boot.


The Parachute
Garden Game Parachute Game

535 The Parachute Game

The Parachute Game can be used for a multitude of games. The set includes 1 x 2.5m diameter parachute and 20 colourful plastic balls.

Code: 535

Water Slide
Giant Pick-Up Sticks by Garden Games

539 Racing Water Slide

Perfect for summer - the racing water slide is a simple way of creating a water slide in your garden in minutes. Simply plug in your hose and blow up the inflatable "boogie board" sliders and watch the fun!

Code: 539

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