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It's a well known fact that some of the best garden games are the simplest ones, and our range of both retro and modern lawn games offer people of all ages unbeatable entertainment and are perfect for all social gatherings.

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Quoits by Garden Games Ltd

503 Garden Games Quoits in a bag

Quoits is a traditional garden game which has been vastly popular for many years and continues to sell in massive quantities.

Quoits is a simple game of skill and accuracy, where all the family can compete on equal terms.

The Quoits pack contains 5 hardwood screw-in pegs, a red and green base and 4 real rope quoits.

Code: 503

Garden Games Kubb


531 Garden Games Kubb

Our version of this ancient Scandinavian game is made from varnished solid beech wood for durability.

Players throw their Batons to knock over their opponent's 5 Kubbs before they can attempt to knock over the King. Any Kubbs knocked down are added to the first player's half of the playing field for the opposing team to knock down prior to their initial 5 Baseline Kubbs and then finally the King.

Knock down the King by mistake and you have lost the game!

The game can be played by individuals or in two teams of up to 6 players and is best played in a space of at least 6m x 4m.


Code: 531

Garden Darts
Garden Games Garden Darts


512 Garden Games Garden Darts

Garden darts is a fantastic family game that is played outside in the garden. The high quality darts have metal tips, weighting them to fly across the garden and land in the lawn.

The flights are designed with a grip end giving you more control for throwing.

The Garden Darts pack contains 6 playing darts in 3 colours, a throwing ring and 4 target rings to play 3 different games; Target Darts, Killer Darts and Bowls Darts.


Code: 512

Boules in a Metal case by Garden Games


402 Garden Games Boules in a Metal Case

Boules were originally a French favourite, which has significantly increased in popularity in the UK over the years, especially as a gift item.

Position the jack then compete to get your Boules as close as possible.

Our set of 8 polished alloy Boules is packed in a stylish metal carrying case.

The Boules package comes complete with wooden jack and measurer.

Code: 402

Skittles by Garden Games


206 Garden Games Skittles

Beautifully polished, high quality hard wood skittles. Test your accuracy to the limit and try to knock all the pins down in one attempt.

The Skittles set contains 9 x 23cms (9inch) skittles, 3 x 8cms (3.25 inch) regulation balls, instructions and rules, and is packed in a smart zip fastening canvas bag.

Code: 206

Giant Dominoes
Giant Dominoes by Garden Games

207 Garden Games Giant Dominoes

Fun for people of all ages, giant dominoes are ideal for players of any level, and it can be played both indoors or outside.

Each domino measures 13.5cm x 7cm x2cm and they come packed in an attractive wooden display box.

Code: 207

Giant Dominoes
in a Bag
Garden Games Limited Giant Dominoes in a bag

537 Giant Dominoes in a Carry Bag

Great quality Giant Dominoes with brightly coloured
number dots packed into a handy nylon canvas carry bag. The perfect take along game for all the family.


Tin Can Alley
Garden Games Tin Can Alley Game

533 Tin Can Alley

Tin can alley is a classic fairground attraction - takeing aim and skill to knock the tins down with the throwing bags. Consisting of ten bright red metal tins and three throwing bags, you can now have all the fun of the fair in your own garden.



Target Toss
Garden Games Target Toss Inflatable dart board with velcro balls

534 Target Toss

Target Toss is an fun inflatable target game, perfect for practising accuracy and skill when throwing and lots of fun to boot.


The Parachute
Garden Game Parachute Game

535 The Parachute Game

The Parachute Game can be used for a multitude of games. The set includes 1 x 2.5m diameter parachute and 20 colourful plastic balls.

Code: 535

Water Slide
Giant Pick-Up Sticks by Garden Games

539 Racing Water Slide

Perfect for summer - the racing water slide is a simple way of creating a water slide in your garden in minutes. Simply plug in your hose and blow up the inflatable "boogie board" sliders and watch the fun!

Code: 539

Giant Pick up Sticks
Giant Pick-Up Sticks by Garden Games

509 Garden Games Giant Pick-Up Sticks

You need a steady hand and nerves of steel to play Giant Pick up Sticks. Simply remove one stick at a time without moving any of the other sticks, points are then scored for each stick you successfully remove.

The game comes with 30 wooden sticks, 0.9m in length and comes packed in a colour retail display box.

Code: 509

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