Giant Garden Games

Our range of giant garden games provide endless fun and entertainment for people of all ages. These large scale versions of the nation's favourite games are uniquely designed and purpose-built for outdoor use.

Giant games are ideal for gatherings and events of any kind, offering a unique and original form of entertainment all year round. Our range of leading giant garden games includes Giant 4 in a row games, Giant Snakes and Ladders, Giant Chess and Croquet Sets, all of which are best selling products for both us and our customers.

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Giant 4 In A Row


Garden Games Up 4 it


Garden Games Giant 4 in a row Games

A range of truely giant versions of the classic table
top game with a genuinely giant twist.


Giant Chess Sets
Garden Games Giant Chess

Garden Games Giant Chess and Draughts Sets

Our uniquely designed Giant Chess Sets are the perfect addition to any garden.

Ideal for households, entertainment companies, local authorities and schools, this game is the perfect platform for the user to test their wits against eager competitors.

The weather resistant pieces are available in two sizes. For more details visit our Garden Chess Sets page.


Giant Dominoes
in a Bag
Garden Games Limited Giant Dominoes in a bag


537 Giant Dominoes in a Carry Bag

Great quality Giant Dominoes with brightly coloured
number dots packed into a handy nylon canvas carry bag. The perfect take along game for all the family.


Tin Can Alley
Garden Games Tin Can Alley Game


533 Tin Can Alley

Tin can alley is a classic fairground attraction - takeing aim and skill to knock the tins down with the throwing bags. Consisting of ten bright red metal tins and three throwing bags, you can now have all the fun of the fair in your own garden.



Target Toss
Garden Games Target Toss Inflatable dart board with velcro balls


534 Target Toss

Target Toss is an fun inflatable target game, perfect for practising accuracy and skill when throwing and lots of fun to boot.


Giant Snakes & Ladders
Garden Games Giant Snakes and Ladders

Garden Games Giant Snakes & Ladders

This brilliant fun family game is now a giant Garden Games that allows all the family to really get involved..

Code: 507 

Tower Games
Garden Games Giant Jenga Style Games

Garden Games Giant Jenga Games

We sell a variety of different Giant Jenga Sytle tower games that are guaranteed to entertain your family and friends at any social event.

Get Knotted®
Garden Games Get Knotted


510 Garden Games Get Knotted

Get Knotted is one of our best selling products and offers users of any age hours of fun and enjoyment. Get Knotted is ideal for parties, social events and family fun.

Get Knotted offers the ultimate challenge of keeping your balance whilst moving various parts of your body to various locations of the mat. Up to 30 players can play Get Knotted at one time, but beware; if you fall you're out of the game.

Get Knotted comes with a large 3m square mat, pegs to secure the position of the mat and two giant inflatable dice.

Packed in colour retail display box with handle.

Code: 510 

Giant Dominoes
Garden Games Giant Dominoes


207 Garden Games Giant Dominoes

Giant Dominoes offer hours of entertainment to people of all ages and can make an excellent gift or Christmas present.

The high quality Giant Dominoes can be played both outside in the garden or indoors on the floor and are made of strong, long-lasting wood.

Each of the dominoes are 13.5cm x 7cm x 2cm.

Packed in a wooden storage box with handle, suitable for retail display.

Code: 207

Giant Pick up Sticks
Garden Games Giant Pick Up Sticks


509 Garden Games Giant Pick-Up Sticks

If you have steady hands and nerves of steel then Giant Pick up Sticks is ideal for you. Players have to remove sticks one at a time on their turn whilst trying not to move any others. Points are scored for each stick removed. Different coloured sticks are worth different points.

Giant Pick up Sticks is ideal for any event and provides hours of fun for people of all ages.

Giant Pick up Sticks comes with 30 wooden sticks, 0.9m in length, which are packed in a colour retail box.

Code: 509 

Cannonball Drop
Garden Games Limited Cannonball drop giant kerplunk style game


527 Garden Games Cannonball Drop

Cannonball Drop is an exciting game that can be played by people of all ages. The aim of the game is to remove sticks without letting the balls drop. The brightly coloured game will become an attractive feature in any garden and offers users hours of fun.

Packed in a white cardboard storage box.

Code: 527

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