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Garden Games Play Tents are designed with fun and quality in mind. All our play tents are of great quality and are designed to survive
being used every day inside and out. The have a strong and stable wooden pole construction and thick canvas have all been printed in
designs that are guaranteed to delight.

Garden Games Wigwam Play Tent

3025 Garden Games Wigwam Play tent

This great wooden framed calico canvas Play Tent is the perfect
location for a powwow with friends or a brilliant indoor hideout.
A best seller year after year.

Wigwam Diameter: 1.4m with 6 wooden poles standing 1.9m tall.

Code: 3025

Flower & Butterfly
Garden Games Pink Flower & butterfly wigwam playtent


3041 Flower & Butterfly Wigwam Play Tent- NEW

This 1.5m diameter thick cotton canvas play tent features
pretty alternating panels of 2 different printed floral fabrics,
each featuring modern yet pretty f lower and butterfly designs
printed in a range of pastel pinks and lilacs. 

The tent's alternating panels give this wigwam a particularly
attractive look, which is perfect for the bedroom or the
garden as this lovely new play tent also features a great
water proof coating for the days when the sun just won't


Code: 3041

Aztec Wigwam
Garden Games Aztec Blue Wigwam Play Tent


3042 Aztec Wigwam Play Tent - NEW

Perfect for girls and boy both inside and out this fantastic
natural cotton canvas play tent is both study and fun.

The bright and fun geometric designs are printed on to
the canvas in various shades of blue and covered in a
protective water proof treatment.

Wigwam Diameter: 1.4m with 6 wooden poles standing 1.9m tall.

Code: 3042

Camouflage Wigwam
Garden Games Camouflage Wigwam


3031 Camouflauge Wigwam

The camouflage wigwam is better for those seeking somewhere to
hide out and watch wildlife or simple play with friends (as there's
plenty of room to share inside) in the garden, though again this great
wigwam can be taken inside when the when the cold gets too much
for your little commandos. The green military camouflage printed
canvas is fully waterproof so even that sudden down pour won't
have your little wildlife watcher running in.

Wigwam Diameter: 1.4m with 6 wooden poles standing 1.9m tall.

Code: 3031


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