Giant Chess Sets and Giant Draughts
Our eye-catching Giant Chess and Draughts Sets make stunning garden features and are extremely fun to play with. You can choose from chess or draughts and both are available in different sizes, ensuring that our range has something for everyone.

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Garden Chess Set
Garden Games Garden Chess


802 Garden Games Garden Chess Set

The Garden Chess Set is the smallest in our range and is ideal for use inside and out.

Although the chess set is smaller in size, it maintains the same high quality and also offers the same excellent playing platform.

The set comes complete with a 1.2m playing mat. Pieces are in one section and stand between 20cms and 25cms tall. The piece base diameter is 9.5cms.

Code: 802

Giant Chess
Garden Games Giant Chess Set

801 Garden Games Giant Chess

Giant Chess was the first giant chess set that we sold and it is also one of our best selling products.

Giant Chess is a very attractive garden game and it features extremely high quality and durable pieces. The chess pieces stand between 43cm and 64cm tall and the base has a diameter of 24cm.

Code: 801

Garden Draughts Set
Garden Games Garden Draughts Set


804 Garden Games Garden Draughts Set

Garden Draughts is an attractive and impressive garden feature that offers a unique combination of quality and playability.

This fun and exciting garden game makes a perfect platform to play the popular game of draughts on and is suitable for people who have smaller gardens.

The draughts pieces have a diameter of 10cm and the playing mat is 1.2m x 1.2m.

Code: 804

Giant Draughts
Garden Games Giant Draughts

805 Garden Games Giant Draughts

Giant Draughts is an attractive garden game that offers hours of fun to people of all ages.

Each of the draughts pieces have a base diameter of 2.5cm.

Code: 805

Lawn Friendly Giant Board
Garden Games Lawn Friendly Chess Board

803 Garden Games Lawn Friendly Chess Board

The Lawn Friendly Board consists of 64 rigid open mesh tiles and maintains the life and colour of your lawn.

The total size of the board is 2.8m square.

Code: 803

Giant Chess Mat
Garden Games Fiant Chess Mat

807 Garden Games Giant Chess Mat

The Giant Chess Mat is a more economical choice and it is also simple to roll up for easy storage.

Code: 807 

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