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Garden Games Limited is a leading UK based manufacturer of Croquet Sets and equipment. We pride ourselves on producing great quality croquet sets, accessories and equipment at reasonable prices. We started to produce croquet in 2001 by popular demand with our fantastic Longworth, full sized garden croquet set. Since then we have introduced more brilliant sets including our great Croqkick set which combines the traditional brilliance of the croquet game and makes it into a challenging and fun football skills game.

Our Townsend and Longworth croquet sets are amazing value for full sized sets and consequently have become leaders in the croquet market, offering full size, great quality at very low prices. They are superb additions to any sports or gift retail range.

We also offer a full complement of spares including mallets, balls and hoops as well as hoop mallets and replacements wicket clips so that sets can be added to as a family grows.

If you are interested in buying a Garden Games Croquet Set or Croquet Spares please visit our Stockist page for information on one of our retailers who will be happy to help you make your purchase.


Lawn Childrens
Croquet Set
Lawn Croquet Set by Garden Games Ltd

Lawn Croquet Set

Perfect for families or compact gardens this bright
and colourful croquet set is fun and funky.

Croquet Set
Cottage Croquet Set by Garden Games ltd

Cottage Croquet Set

A wonderful addtion to any smaller more modern garden,
this traditionally styled croquet set is attractive and compact.

Sandford Family
Croquet Set
sandford Family Croquet Set by Garden Games Ltd


Sandford Family Croquet Set

With its two small and two full sized mallets and matching balls
this set is perfect for families with children who wish to compete along side each other in this fun and yet elegant game.


Croquet Sets
Garden Games Longworth Croquet Sets


Longworth Croquet Sets

An excellant value full sized croquet range available in a
range of storage options and 4 and 6 player croquet sets


Croquet Sets
Garden Games Townsend Croquet Sets


Townsend Croquet Sets

Beautifully crafted high quality croquet sets with solid ash shafts with
rose wood head full sized mallets and composite 16oz regulation size croquet balls now available in a range of storage options and 4 and 6 player croquet sets.



Croquet Sets


Hurlingham Croquet sets

A superbly made tradtional styled croquet set. The Hurlingham Croquet Sets are the top of the Garden Games Croquet range. Beautifully made and a joy to play with the Hurlingham is still at an


Croquet Sets
challenger croquet set by garden games


Challenger Croquet sets

The Challenger 4 Player set is a top quality full sized croquet set.

This set comes with superior quality square headed mallets and professional hoops for club style competitive play.


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