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Garden Darts also known as Lawn Darts or Jarts is a fantastic garden game that can be played by either two players or two teams,
though our fun new games can be played by as many players as you wish. This is a wonderfully traditional and easy to setup
and play garden game.

Our Garden Darts set includes 6 giant darts, 2 each with red, Yellow and blue tough plastic flights and metal tips that have been
specially rounded ends to make them safe to use. You will also receive four flexible target rings and one flexible yellow throwing ring.

Garden Darts is a great easy to carry and take along game and works well in any clear space.

The Garden Games Garden Darts set can be used to play three fantastically fun games


Score points by landing your dart inside the target rings with higher points for hitting close to the "bulls eye" at the centre.


The Target rings are lined up in a line. Players take it in turn to throw a dart into each ring. If a player misses they are then "killed off".
The remaining players continue moving the rings further back, away from the throwing ring until only one player remains to claim victory.


This game is for two players and as the name suggests is based on the traditional garden games Boules. One player takes a Dart
and throws it this is then the Jack. The players then take it in turns to get their Darts as close to the "Jack" as they can.

All these great games can be played by all ages and distance handicaps can be given to more "able" players to even the games up a bit.
Everyone will enjoy this great garden game.

These three games are easy set up and even easy to play and enjoy why buy one game when you can take home
three in one handy box!


For a printable instructions on how to setup and play the wonderful Giant version of Jenga
simply click on the screw driver icon below

printable instructions for garden games darts

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