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Quoits is a really traditional garden game. Traceable as far back as ancient Greece the game was once so popular that is was outlawed to encourage other sports, now the sport may not be banned but it understandable as to why other games such as Archery needed the sport to be banned in order to compete!.

Our Garden Quoits are simple to set up and a joy to use. The wooden base simply slots together and the pins screw in to place. The set contains 4 quoits which are made of natural rope and secured together with a red painted oval. The set come complete with one red topped pin and four white topped pins are provides and the base is painted in attractive green and red making this set an eye catching feature on any lawn.

Quoits is easy to play, which may explain the longevity of this simple past-time. The rope quoits are thrown over the pins on the cross base and points are scored in accordance with what pin your quoits lands over.

The set is so simple and easy to set up it can be used almost anywhere and now it comes in a handy Nylon Canvas, Zip
close carry bag for storage or transportation.


For a printable instructions on how to setup and play the wonderful game of

simply click on the screw driver icon below

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