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Ever wanted to relive those happy summer school sports day memories? The Garden Games Sack Race is a set of five adult sized double stitched Hessian Sacks specially designed to be used by everyone including adults in the fun and traditional sports day fun sack race.

Relive your glory days or redress the balance if you fell on the sports field in your youth.

These fantastic fun sacks are brightly coloured and each have a unique design to add to the fun and make it much easier to cheer the teams on.

The Red sack is called "Fireball" The Blue is called "Maddog" The Green is called "Wired" The Orange "Dozey" and the Yellow sack is called "Fever" all add to the fun.

The naturally strong hessian sacks measure 1 metre x 60cm so are comfortable for adults to race along in.

Sack race is simple enough the play and easy to set up. Simply mark out the race track in your garden or area of choice line up your racers in their sacks and see who can get to the other end of the track first.

Sack Race is a really fun active sports day staple.

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Sack Race Garden Game
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