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Boules in a Metal case by Garden Games ltd


Boules is a firm French favourite that has proved popular year after year. This excellently crafted set makes
a great gift to friends and family and an even better gift to yourself!

Our polished steel alloy four player Boules set comes pre-packed in its own secure metal carry case. The set
has eight metal boules identified by clear engraved patterns on the balls themselves. The balls are attractive
and durable, each one weighs 719g.

Garden Boules is a great fun garden game that is easy to set up and easy to play if not to master. Every member
of the family can enjoy this game and may easy summer evenings can be passed

The Game of Boules is played by first tossing a coin to pick the player to go first.
This player then stands at one end of the pitch (or lawn area that you will be using to play the game) this is the
spot from which all players will subsequently bowl from. The Jack is then thrown down the pitch, in theory it
should land about two thirds up the pitch, but in the back garden or the beach it really is not that important.

(TIP) If smaller players are involved it can make the game much more fun for them if the Jack is made to be
a make the Jack a little closer by perhaps allowing them to stand further forwards.

The first player then throws one Boule towards the Jack or Cochonnet, aiming to get as close as possible.
The next player steps up and attempts to do the same, while also trying to remove the other player's Boule
by knocking it away from the Jack or Cochonnet.

Once all the players have thrown all their Boules the winner is decided by being the player with his or his or
her Boule closest to the Jack. This can be a hot topic of debate and to help with this tough decision we have
included a simple measure in with our Boules set.


For a printable instructions on how to setup and play the wonderful
Set or Boules
simply click on the screw driver icon below

Boules printable instructions by garden games limited


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