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This brilliantly fun and educational family game has been around for hundreds of years in various formats.
Traditionally each domino is carved from bone or Ivory. Dominoes as we know the game seems to have
come from China with the earliest known set dating from around AD1120. Originally each Domino
represented one of the twenty-one outcomes for throwing two dice with each half of the tile representing
the score from one die.

The game of Dominoes moved to Europe in the early 18th Century, the game evolved. Seven additional
Dominoes were added, representing the values that result from throwing a single die with the other side
left blank and also the double blank. There are now many different versions of the game that can be

The table top version is a great way to pass the time. Dominoes have always been easy to play and a game
that every age can enjoy together, which is why we looked to introduce this great game on a more giant
scale for use in the garden.

Garden Games Giant Dominoes were designed to continue that fun in the garden. The set comes packed
within a pine wood box the same as the traditional boxes provided to store the smaller sets. The box has
rope handles to make transportation easier.

The Dominoes each measure 13cm x 7cm x 2cm and are made from natural pine wood and painted in a
variety of bright fun colours.


For a printable instructions on how to setup and play the wonderful game of Giant Garden Dominoes
simply click on the screw driver icon below

Dominoe instructions by Garden Games

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