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Skittles has been an extremely popular garden game in England since medieval times. It is mentioned in many publications
and pictures and is a as popular today as ever. Today Skittles is one of the most popular games we sell because of its
ease of use. The games is easy to understand, brilliant as entertainment at family occastions and will bring everyone together
, from the very young to the more mature group members.

Nine pinned wooden skittles has been a favourite in the public houses and Inn of England for hundreds of years.
The Garden Games Wooden Skittles set allows you all the fun of the pub garden game into your own garden,
bringing along the tradtional Ales is an optional extra.

Each set we produce is of the highest quality, yet at a great affordable price making them a perfect gift item as well as a
summer garden staple. The wooden pins or skittles are finished with a polished laquer finish making each skittle hard
wearing and beautiful, with a bright red painted to of the "king Pin" and the three black painted strong wooden balls
complete this wonderful garden skittle set in fine style.

skittle ballsSkittles


Our Garden Skittles is presented in a handy Nylon, Zip CLose Carry bag. The bag contains everything you will need
to take this game with you on holiday, to and family barbeque or simply keep this great Skittles set safe while not in use.

Skittles is played either in teams or as two player head to head. All players throw from one spot approximately
9 yards (the official distance although this can be reduced if your garden is smaller or if you have a number of
younger or less-abled players).

Each player takes it in turn to throw their ball (underarm) at the skittles, each players turn is over when they
have thrown all three balls.

If playing the team version of Garden Skittles the teams take it in turn until all the players have had a turn. Each turn is
known as a hand and once each player in the team has played their "hand" this is known as a "leg". Skittles games
normally consist of 6 "legs".

Points are awards for each skittle knocked down one point per skittles. If all the skittles are knocked down on the
first throw, this is known as a "Strike" if a strike is gained on the first ball, the skittles are reset and the player can
continue till all three balls are thrown.

The maximum score per hand is 27 (3 x 9) extra points can be added for gaining a strike this would normally be
an award of an additional 3 points.

The winner of the game is the player of the team with the most points after the 6 legs.

Garden Games skittles come packed with in their own handy nylon canvas carry case with a shoulder strap and
complete set of instructions and rules.

Diagram showing how to set out your skittles set in order to play the game

Above is a diagram showing how to setup the pins -

The kingpin is the red topped skittle in the set and this kingpin
is set up in the middle of the skittles with the other eight pins set up in a diamond shape (3 pins x 3 pins)
around it.


For a printable instructions on how to setup and play the wonderful game of Garden Skittles
simply click on the screw driver icon below

Skittle instructions by Garden Games


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